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Juvenile Offenses

Compared with adult criminal cases, juvenile cases are a different world altogether in Utah. If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile offense, you need an attorney who has extensive experience in juvenile court.

I am attorney Roger Kraft. At one point in my career, I handled ONLY juvenile criminal matters. Most attorneys do not have such experience and do not understand the process, the objectives or the terminology — which are all part of the Utah juvenile system.

For example, a juvenile will never plead “guilty” or “not guilty” in a juvenile court. Rather, a juvenile may “admit to” or “deny” the allegation. The process juvenile court follows is much different from the process in adult criminal court, and an experienced attorney should be able to sit down with you and explain the process and your options for a positive outcome.

Juvenile Offense Charges Should Not Be Taken Lightly

The reality is that a juvenile charge can affect a young person’s life for years to come — and the consequences do not always constitute a positive learning experience. What you might expect to lead to a “slap on the hand” may have lasting negative effects, even though your child is a juvenile.

Whether your child is accused of drug possession — often called minor in possession or MIP — shoplifting, underage drinking or another serious offense, it is wise to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An experienced juvenile defense lawyer can help ensure that your child’s best interests are protected throughout the legal process.

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