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Criminal Defense Testimonials

Attorney, Tooele, Utah

I'm a defense attorney and suddenly found myself facing charges for brandishing a weapon during a "road rage incident." Even though I'm a defense attorney I knew I needed a kick butt attorney to represent me. I hired Roger and after several court appearances and arguments with the prosecution, Roger had my case dismissed. That saved my license to practice law and there is no price I can put on that.

Attorney, Ogden, Utah

I'm a lawyer and tried to represent myself in a traffic matter. I soon realized that I was up against an experienced, difficult prosecutor and my driving privileges were in jeopardy. I hired Mr. Kraft and he was able to resolve my case quickly and without the loss of my driving privileges.

Holly Kimball

In 2009 I was wrongfully charged with abusing my handicap child. I found my name and picture all over the news and knew that I needed someone with experience to handle the difficult case and all the media that came along with it. Mr. Kraft represented me so professionally. He refused to budge when prosecutors tried to get me to plead guilty. He set the case for a jury trial and finally the State was forced to dismiss the case.

Corrections Officer

I'm a corrections officer and was charged with a crime when my girlfriend and I got into an argument. Even though neither of us touched each other, I was the one charged with a crime. I am a cop and could not afford to lose my job. My supervisor told me that if I were found guilty he would have no choice but to fire me. I hired Mr. Kraft and he got the case dismissed. Even cops need a lawyer once in a while.

Professional Athlete

When I was charged with a crime I knew that my position as a professional athlete was going to be a major problem. I needed to resolve the case in a quick and quiet fashion. Mr. Kraft helped me through the process, kept it out of the media and off of my record. I never even had to appear in court. Well worth the money.

Former Judge

When I was serving as a judge, my grandson was wrongly accused of attempted murder. I hired Mr. Kraft to defend my grandson. In court, Mr. Kraft confronted and cross-examined the alleged victims with precision and clearly established the innocence of my grandson. The case was dismissed.