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Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges In Utah

At Roger A. Kraft, Attorney at Law, P.C., we have handled thousands of domestic violence cases in the Salt Lake City area, and we have the legal experience you need if you are charged with domestic violence.

If you have been arrested for alleged domestic assault, contact my office in Midvale, Utah, today. I defend clients throughout Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Important Things To Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence (DV) cases are perhaps the most overcharged, blown-out-of-proportion cases filed in the criminal courts, and these cases can lead to some of the worst penalties, such as jail time and losing your right to own or possess firearms.

While the filing of some DV cases is certainly justified, much of the time the matters should have and could have been resolved by the parties without getting the law involved. Many clients find that they cannot even punch a hole in the wall of their own home without being charged with domestic violence.

I have handled cases as crazy as someone throwing a pillow or a marshmallow at someone else, and the person accused of throwing something ends up charged with assault. The police do not care if the victim wants to press charges or not; the police and prosecutors press charges anyway!

Start Protecting Your Rights Today

Handling these cases correctly takes a skilled criminal defense lawyer who understands the rights of the accused person, as well as the rights of the alleged victim. For example, did you know that a spouse has an absolute right NOT to testify against their husband or wife? Why would this right ever need to be invoked? Unfortunately, all it takes is a simple call to the police during an argument, and the government will move forward against you even if the alleged "victim" does not want them to.

Additionally, you can be charged with domestic violence against anyone who has ever lived with you or is related biologically or by marriage in any way. And if children (even sleeping infants) are anywhere present in the home where the event happens, you will likely have other charges brought against you for allegedly committing DV in the presence of a child.

Do not go into court and accept a plea bargain in these cases, no matter how "simple" it may seem, without consulting an attorney. Accepting a plea bargain without experienced legal counsel can lead to very harsh consequences, including loss of hunting privileges; loss of your right to own or possess a firearm; expensive, long and unnecessary counseling sessions; large fines; drug and alcohol prohibitions; and many other untold consequences.

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